Project Word and Void (WaV)

KWITS, LLC. dedicated to the expansion and extension of TESIV:Oblivion video game that was released by Bethesda Softworks in 2007 to multiple platforms. WaV represents a milestone of achievement in the area of innovative and creative modding. The WaV series is a free product offering but KWITS, LLC reserves the rights for its unique story line, characters, unique design concepts, and supporting documentation. All rights and protections are strictly observed with Bethesda Softworks in support of this effort for the Oblivion core base. 

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KWITS, LLC TESIV Oblivion Module Release Website for "Word and Void"
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"Word and Void" is near final release!

April 30, 2015

demoThe final round of testing for the WaV development project is near completion with a new bonus quest in the making for only registered customers.



The "Word and Void" Mini-Movie on YouTube and this Website!

May 15, 2013

demo"Word and Void" is the most imaginative, innovative Oblivion Module extension in years. The WaV movie will be a HD 3D introduction of one of the best Oblivion gaming experiences since Shivering Isles. WaV represents a milestone in gaming development using modern tools and an exciting story line.



Mod development has begun on, "the Long Winter" (LTW). Just another exciting adventure that continues the WaV growing series of mods for TESIV:Oblivion. Development under TESV:Skyrim will begin next year!

April 30, 2015

demoKWITS, LLC. is dedicated to bringing your favorite stories to life through the TESIV:Oblvion development effort!


About Us


In the Beginning:

KWITS, LLC. is a privately owned business based out of Charleston, South Carolina USA. This company's initial focus was Information Technology servicing but has recently entered the realm of video game development in support of the TESIV:Oblivion series as a pubic service offering. This website supporting this effort was launched in 2014 but is still under development.

The vision statement for KWITS, LLC currently is to continue developing module extensions in support of TESIV:Oblivion based upon innovative concepts and translating novel content into an animated adventure (upon service request).


The Growing Years:

KWITS, LLC. was initially conceived in 2003 but in 2010 took a new direction from Information Technology servicing to graphics design, scripting, and story building. This recent effort led to proving for free, module extensions for Bethesda Softwork's TESIV:Oblivion. 

Where we're going:

The "Word and Void" (WaV) base module extension for TESIV:Oblivion is near completion and formal testing is occuring today. The final release date is still pending but will be the Summer of 2015.

Team Bio:

personel bio pic The President and CEO of KWITS, LLC. is Keith R. Woodard whose resume of professional expertise is available on LinkedIn. Mr. Woodard's hobbies of course include video game development but also graphic design, writing, and astronomy.


personel bio pic Business Operations Manager: Susanna Agrest-Woodard

The Business Manager's so purpose to service the valued customers of KWITS, LLC. through order processing, phone calls, website requests, and other e-mails. Mrs. Agrest-Woodard also is an accomplished novelist and vocalist. To learn more about her work, go here: Susanna's stories